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Author: Greg Tucker

What is the Difference Between Customer Success vs. Customer Experience?

As you come up with specialized marketing strategies to please your clients, you may have stumbled upon terms like customer success as well as customer experience. Although these are often used interchangeably when referring to clients, there are distinct differences between the two. Let’s discuss what these two are and why customer success vs customer experience is a trend among marketers. 

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Top 5 Important Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation makes things a lot easier for both business owners and customers. It is the term for a platform or method that streamlines or automates marketing tasks. Marketing automation saves you time, keeps you on your budget, helps you generate more leads, and allows you to have a multichannel outlook of your prospects. If you haven't adopted marketing automation strategies or you're still doubtful it will work, consider the following top benefits of marketing automation.

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What is content automation and is it really an advantage?

Automation and automated processes were first introduced at the onset of the industrial revolution. The purpose of using automation tools is to limit the need to require human effort in performing tasks that are repetitive. As time went by, artificial intelligence and automation have made their way successfully into other areas which typically require human intervention. This includes the fields of content marketing and digital advertising.

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User Experience vs User Journey – The Importance of Both

As businesses today do their best to meet the needs of customers, both actual and digital, they focus their attention on providing a process that offers speed, convenience, consistency, and friendliness. Since a strong path is founded on smooth and memorable user interaction combined with a captivating experience, companies prioritize two processes in their list of approaches – user experience vs. user journey.

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