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Marketing Automation

Top 5 Important Benefits of Marketing Automation

May 28, 2021
Marketing automation makes things a lot easier for both business owners and customers. It is the term for a platform or method that streamlines or automates marketing tasks. Marketing automation saves you time, keeps you on your budget, helps you generate more leads, and allows you to have a multichannel outlook of your prospects. If you haven’t adopted marketing automation strategies or you’re still doubtful it will work, consider the following top benefits of marketing automation.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

1. Enhances Marketing Efficiency

The most obvious benefit of using a marketing automation platform is it enhances efficiency especially when it comes to marketing tasks. Marketing strategies take time but it does not have to take you from the most important things: your business and your customers.

Business marketing automation tools such as using live chat software can save you hours finding out what your customers need. Your prospects may simply access your chat menu, click on what he needs and follow the prompts. But don’t forget to add an option to talk to a live agent or rep especially for complicated concerns.

Customers also save time and effort as they use automated tools.  You may also use data generated from a marketing automation platform to help you create better strategies, programs, and other ways to enhance your products or services.

2. Improves Lead Generation Abilities

Lead generation and lead nurturing helps create sales and improves your organic customers. Marketing automation will help you generate leads better and will also improve your chances of turning your prospects into leads. Use the data you gathered from different criteria and combine this with a lead scoring system to create and separate leads that are likely to convert to sales. With marketing automation, you don’t have to waste time and money as you divert your energy and budget more efficiently.

3. Gives You a Multichannel View

Marketing automation strategies make use of not just one channel to generate data. It integrates different devices and channels to develop better, more comprehensive, and more useful profiles of your customers.

You can integrate all kinds of sales and marketing efforts to create a centralized marketing strategy. You can use include email, websites, mobile text messages, videos, blogs, social media sites, and more. Use these to provide relevant and uniform content. Your customers will more likely to consider your offers, products or services if he can access the information he needs from different methods.

You may send emails to targeted users and use texts, social media, and blogs to support your content. Your users may use the channel that’s more convenient for them which is also noted in your marketing automation system.

And creating a centralized marketing strategy does not end with your current methods. Marketing automation will help you process and discover new ways to reach out to your customers and help them with their needs. Automation also simplifies your marketing efforts and will help you find what you need to create new marketing and sales platforms and even expand your services and products in the future.

4. Enhanced Alignment of Your Company’s Sales and Marketing Strategies

Make things a lot easier by considering your marketing and sales goals side by side with marketing automation. Your marketing will become simpler, easier to understand, easier to process and access; no need to waste time checking different platforms. Your strategies are aligned and ready to check out anytime.

Marketing automation can make B2B tasks easier including email campaigns, lead management, and landing page generation so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

5. Improved ROI and Lead Conversion

B2B marketers using marketing automation have reported an increase in conversion and rapid ROI. Because you’re able to focus on what your customers prefer through access to different channels, using appropriate marketing strategies, and efficient lead generation and lead nurturing, you can expect better conversion and profits.

What is the future of marketing automation?

It’s predicted that marketing automation will surpass basic marketing methods or it may merge with basic marketing techniques to come up with a better and more efficient customer experience. Automated marketing or digital marketing will surely continue to evolve as the needs of businesses and users change as well. Here are some predictions for the future of marketing automation.

  • The role of artificial intelligence will become more defined as more and more marketers will use this to gain more insights about their customers.
  • Marketing automation will become a major trend as marketers realize its benefits and applications. When it comes to A.I. applications, chatbots will become essential for all companies. Chatbots will save time and money as they keep customers happy.
  • CRM software will connect to more business tools. Consolidating and integrating technology helps accomplish marketing tasks without the need to switch between interfaces just like using CRM software.  CRM providers are now looking for ways to streamline their products to work with more business tools, these companies will surely become profitable in the future.

Does marketing automation really work?

Almost all successful businesses have used automated marketing strategies in their engagement with their customers. Automatically implementing marketing is easier, cost-effective, takes minimal effort and time to complete, and is generally more effective as this targets your users better. Let’s check the facts:

Invespcro has reported an increase of 14.5% in sales productivity as well as a 12.2% reduction in overhead marketing costs for businesses that use marketing automation. According to the same report, 4 out of 5 users have increased leads through marketing automation software with a 77% reporting increase in conversion.

Businesses that use marketing automation have experienced a 451% improvement in qualified leads according to Annuitas Group. Meanwhile, 76% of companies that prefer marketing automation have generated an ROI during the first year. Finally, Nucleus Research mentioned that marketing automation can enhance productivity by 20%.

What does automation mean in marketing?

Automated marketing is an effortless solution. It is a creative tool that works overtime, it can target your users faster and can help you with your current marketing strategies and future ones. It can free you from complicated marketing processes, enables you to enhance engagement with your users with personalized campaigns which leads to improved revenue in the long run.

Automated marketing is an important driver for most businesses. If you’re still stuck with age-old marketing techniques, it’s not too late to move forward with automated marketing. Let marketing automation open new doors for you and your business. Collaborate with your marketing team or a marketing company. Connect with your customer and key clients better and get valuable marketing results when you start today.


Greg Tucker