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How an AI-Enabled CMO will help you Boost your Business in 2023

February 7, 2023
AI boosts income, enables scalable expansion, and personalizes the consumer experience for marketers. Intelligent marketers realize the incredible power of AI. Interacting with their audiences through customized, targeted messaging—all at scale—equips them to flourish in their professions. It increases revenue and a healthy pipeline. These are the results of improved alignment between marketing and sales. Take a moment and just imagine how an AI-Enabled Partner CMO can help your business; then continue on your journey to learn about implementing one.

Key takeaways  

  • In this article, you will learn about the role of AI in business intelligence and how it is transforming the way organizations make data-driven decisions. AI-powered BI solutions enable organizations to gain insights, automate reporting and analysis, and make predictions based on vast amounts of data.

  • How an AI-Enabled CMO can utilize business intelligence tools to gain insights into customer behavior and market trends, making data-driven decisions to drive growth and improve customer engagement. AI-powered BI solutions can provide the CMO with real-time insights, predictive analytics, and automated reporting, helping them to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively. 

  • You will also learn about the role of AI in competitive intelligence and how it is transforming the way organizations gather and analyze information about their competitors.

  • In this blog, you’ll get to know how AI can play a role in competitive intelligence by automating data collection and analysis, allowing for faster and more accurate insights into the competitive landscape. Additionally, you will discover how AI can help companies stay ahead of their competitors and make informed decisions.

  • Explore the various ways that artificial intelligence can benefit businesses, including improving efficiency and productivity, enhancing customer experiences, and enabling more data-driven decision making.

  • This blog will introduce you to Leadbright’s LOOP and its capabilities as a marketing solution. LOOP leverages the power of AI to streamline marketing efforts and improve results.

AI Business Intelligence 

Business intelligence (BI), for those unfamiliar with the word, refers to programs that automatically gather, process, and analyze vast volumes of data. Businesses may utilize the enormous volumes of data they gather to enhance corporate operations and generate more insightful choices. 

Despite its importance, BI has intrinsic weaknesses that restrict the value it can offer organizations. For instance, the sheer amount of data being collected is getting close to the limit of BI capacity. Because BI enhances AI, using the two together is advantageous. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of teaching computer systems human cognitive qualities. Learning, problem-solving, and decision-making, characterize this process. 

Can an AI-Enabled CMO help with Business intelligence tools? 

Artificial intelligence expands the capacities of BI  

An AI-Enabled CMO is helpful in BI applications as it improves business intelligence’s ability to distill actionable insights from massive amounts of huge data. With the aid of AI, organizations better understand the significance of individual parts inside the bigger picture. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of teaching computer systems human cognitive qualities. Learning, problem-solving, and decision-making, characterize this process; and BI tools allow a greater variety of functions, increasing their use for companies. 

AI-Enabled CMO Business intelligence
AI-Enabled CMO Business intelligence

Facilitating comprehension of a complicated process 

Surveying large amounts of data is challenging, even with the help of business intelligence tools. Professional data analysts must go through many charts and dashboards to compile the required data. However, an AI-Enabled CMO has the potential to simplify matters immensely. 

AI-based technologies like natural language processing and machine learning, streamline processes by facilitating interaction between machines and humans. With the help of AI, robots can better grasp the human language and vice versa. It facilitates the discovery of connections and insights by data analysts. 

Artificial intelligence allows business intelligence to examine structured and unstructured data, giving the most complete picture of a company’s operations. 

Filling the void 

When used in Business Intelligence (BI), AI allows businesses to mine previously untapped data for valuable insights. Business intelligence software driven by artificial intelligence could examine new data and identify meaningful patterns for the organization. 

With AI, BI may also use cutting-edge technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing to increase the breadth of the shown data. 

Instead of depending on a visual dashboard of significant data trends, businesses seek solutions that fill in the blanks between visualization and actionable insights. To aid in this endeavor, artificial intelligence-driven business intelligence is a helpful tool. 

AI Competitive Intelligence 

Businesses may get an edge over rivals by using Competitive Intelligence services, which transform raw data into actionable insights about the market and your competitors. There is considerable potential for organizations to be competitive in real-time or even ahead of the competition, thanks to machine algorithms that can help spot patterns instantly and with scale. 

Showing charts for competitive intelligence
AI Powered Competitive Intelligence

When we talk about a company’s “competitive intelligence,” we’re referring to its research and analysis of the market, its rivals, and its goods and services. The data collection and analysis will help a business plan for the future and spot areas where they might get an advantage over the competition. 

Can AI help with competitive intelligence? 

Visualizes trends for decision making 

Decision-making relies heavily on seeing patterns in the data we have acquired. To assist organizations in understanding what’s going on, AI is extracting patterns and presenting data in novel ways at an unprecedented rate. Data may be made actionable, and its influence on the company can be seen thanks to refined layers of visualization that include filtering. 

Facilitates information-gathering 

Competitor research is a time-consuming process. Hundreds of thousands of person-hours might be saved by not having to do the work manually. Information from hundreds of thousands of sources may be compiled using artificial intelligence. It even finds out when a rival makes modifications or updates across many channels in real-time, such as social media, external monitoring, website tracking, forums, etc. 

Analyzing Business Intelligence and Competetive Intelligence with AI
Analyzing Business Intelligence and Competetive Intelligence with AI

Understand the market 

Insight into the marketplace may be gained via competitive intelligence programs, which can lead to the development of novel concepts and new points of view. Your company may benefit from this by learning about the strategies of its rivals and identifying any untapped opportunities in the market. Sixty-one percent of executives say AI is beneficial in identifying and developing new business possibilities. 

AI allows you to keep tabs on information from hundreds or even thousands of sources simultaneously, ensuring that you never miss a beat on developments in your field or the opinions of the people who might one day become customers. It can track data, from website uptime to shifts in thought leadership. As a bonus, automating the process saves thousands of hours of labor. Any data bearing on your company’s operations will be recorded. 

How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Businesses Across the Board? 

Thanks to the introduction of AI to the business world, automation advantages are many for growing businesses. The data scientists who employ machine learning to enhance the precision and effectiveness of highly technical business analyses fall under this category. But the value of AI extends well beyond the realm of IT companies. 

Human resources, accounting, and even healthcare are just some of the many business areas where AI is being used because of the sheer quantity of client and customer data that can be accessed and stored. 

Medical professionals may benefit from AI-Enabled systems since they can analyze large amounts of data more quickly and effectively than humans. Meanwhile, AI technology in human resources and accounting departments has increased production and efficiency by automating mundane but necessary tasks like data entry and reporting. 

Leadbright’s LOOP Has You Covered 

After learning how an AI-enabled Partner CMO can help you grow your business, how do you find one? Leadbright’s LOOP has you covered. Unlike other platforms that just show you raw data on a dashboard for your team to act on, LOOP uses machine learning and AI to analyze data and create crafting tasks that will be taken care of for you, like true partner would. 

Instantly boost your marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost of hiring more marketing team members. 

Summing Up 

New industries, consumer uses, job losses, and gains are all possible outcomes of the rapid development of this technology. With the help of AI, companies may gain a competitive edge, and large enterprises can provide the foundation for new ideas to flourish. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already an integral part of everyday life, whether in the form of a robot in a factory, a self-driving vehicle, or a voice-activated resource for intricate medical procedures. 

Will AI replace me or help me? It’s ultimately up to you.


Martin Borowski

Highly experienced digital marketer with 25 years of experience as a freelancer, CMO, and SaaS Founder and CEO of Leadbright. My expertise lies in driving marketing strategies and initiatives, analyzing market research, lead generation, and revenue growth. My passions include technology, software, video games and AI.