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B2B lead generation platform engineered for growth

LOOP does the work for you to optimize your lead generation funnel. Leadbright’s powerful data streams and machine learning algorithms are designed to boost your marketing and revenue.
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How the LOOP works

LOOP lead generation process

Start with Analytics

Connect your site to gain deep insights from LOOP

Once connected, LOOP will pull in hundreds of data sources on every aspect of your site. LOOP uses algorithms and machine learning to filter the most important information that will later be used to create actionable crafting tasks.


Automatically gather competitor & industry intelligence

Add your top competitors to LOOP and track key data points. By tracking competitor website content and growth, LOOP finds opportunities that will keep you ahead of industry trends and competition.


Discover new internet technologies, algorithms, and search engine trends

LOOP will analyze and display the latest articles, trends, and technology shifts. Using this data, LOOP will automatically generate crafting tasks that will enhance your website.


Optimization tasks are completed by LOOP for you

With One-click approval, all the tasks created from Analytics, Listening, and Discovery are applied to your website. Once applied and live, these optimizations will increase lead generation.

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Get detailed website performance and lead insights

At the end of each month, view the impact made from enhancements made from tasks completed by LOOP. Deep dive into each section to see individual tasks that had the biggest impact.


View the positive impact of LOOP on your website

Get a clear monthly view of your website’s lead generation and growth. See the improvements that LOOP has made to your digital marketing strategy.

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Why use LOOP?

Save weeks of manual work, reduce costs, and boost marketing

Unlike other platforms that just show you raw data on a dashboard for your team to act on, LOOP uses machine learning and AI to analyze data and create crafting tasks that will be taken care of for you.

Instantly boost your marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost of hiring more marketing team members. No other platform combines deep insights from big data with an automated optimization process that makes lead generation as simple and easy as possible. Try it today.

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B2B businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises— struggle with organic lead generation. Leadbright’s LOOP platform combines big data, machine learning, and AI to unleash your website with one click.


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