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Website Lead Generation done for you

Leadbright’s LOOP is a codeless and fully managed B2B platform for website demand generation. Combining big data, machine learning and AI, LOOP optimizes your website and content with just one click of a button.

* No credit card required or software to install.
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We Simplify Complex Data

We analyze multiple data sources and track the information that matters most

Save Weeks of Manual Work

Big Data, AI, and machine learning are used to replace manual work and analysis

Reduce Costs & Boost Marketing

At a fraction of the cost, LOOP is equivalent to having 4 analytics and data experts working 24/7

Always-Evolving Platform

LOOP platform is constantly adapting and learning to get ahead of industry trends

AI powered website content automation

Business Intelligence done for you.

Outperform your competition. Using AI, we automatically optimize your content and website to grow your revenue.

Simplify your lead generation

Click Approve and we take care of the rest

LOOP takes “ease of use” to the next level. Actionable insights are transformed into crafting tasks and completed by the LOOP for you.

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Maximize conversions

Increase leads, web presence, and growth

Lead Generation made easy. LOOP’s AI-powered engine optimizes the digital journey on your website to maximize results and convert more qualified leads.

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Finally! An easy way to supercharge my marketing team while saving time and money.

Boost thought leadership

Get Ahead of Your Competition and Industry Trends

LOOP uses machine learning to listen and analyze competitors and industry changes to help you become a leader in your space.

Gain insights that matter

We keep track of important metrics so you don’t have to

Stop being overloaded with data. Forget about weeks of manual analysis and reporting. LOOP’s algorithms will analyze your data securely at a fraction of the time and identify key metrics to boost lead generation.

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* No credit card required or software to install.

Why Leadbright?

The LOOPTM platform is build by marketers, for marketers.

We are taking our industry knowledge and experience to simplify the way you generate organic leads.

We understand that lead generation is one of the most important and challenging business functions. For that reason, we brought together over 25 years of experience in analytics, user experience, design, development, content creation, algorithms, seo, automation and AI, all to build the LOOP platform that focuses on making lead generation as simple and easy as possible. Try it today.

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B2B businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises— struggle with organic lead generation. Leadbright’s LOOP platform combines big data, machine learning, and AI to unleash your website with one click.


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