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Lead Generation

10 Proven B2C lead generation strategies and ideas

June 25, 2021
The B2C market is constantly changing to adapt to the evolving interests and needs of consumers.

Forbes points out the difference between offerings of B2B and B2C markets. In B2B companies, newsletters and emails are offered as these contain information from the company’s social platforms and blogs. Meanwhile, the B2C market use value-added gifts, discounts, and special offers to please their customers. 

With an efficient, updated lead generation strategy, B2C companies can attract more leads. With good leads, you can create better and more successful marketing campaigns to improve conversion. 

Are you getting nowhere with your current B2C lead generation strategy? Maybe it’s time to start with a clean slate with new and effective B2C lead generation techniques and ideas. 

What is B2C? And Why Is Lead Generation Important? 

B2C is short for business to consumer. It is a transaction between a business and its consumer or customer. Any business that sells products or provides services belongs to the B2C market. 

Lead generation is vital to B2C companies because these strategies can stimulate and capture the interest of people in a product or to a service. Lead gen strategies help companies gather and nurture prospects as they move through the buying journey. Lead generation supports would-be customers’ interests until they are ready to buy. says that companies who don’t value lead generation can forget about growth. As more and more companies use lead gen strategies to come up with better and more efficient marketing strategies, companies who don’t are left in the dust. 

What Is The Difference Between B2C and B2B 

B2C and B2B are two similar concepts but differ in focus. In B2B, businesses provide services and products to fellow businesses just like an internet company provides internet services to a semiconductor company. The focus of B2B companies is businesses. 

B2C companies provide services and products directly to consumers. Every time you purchase anything from a shop, you take your dirty laundry to the cleaners or purchase products online, you’re initiating a B2C transaction. The focus of B2C companies will always be consumers, clients, or customers. 

Advantages of B2C Lead Generation 

B2C lead generation has many advantages. It helps prospects connect to businesses on their own time and terms. There’s so much information that is available to your prospects and offering a discount, promo, something that has value will help them decide. 

Lead generation strategies have longevity. Once you’re done creating your content that attracts prospects, you can leave this online for visitors to access anytime they wish. This content is available to all your customers on different platforms that you can always control such as social media. 

Smart B2C lead generation techniques will take the best leads straight to your inbox. It is also cost-effective and will prove worthwhile for marketers and companies with a tight budget. 

5 Examples of Business to Consumer Models 

B2C lead generation campaigns are based on five time-tested and trusted consumer models. 

1.  Direct sellers 

In direct sales, businesses sell directly to customers. There are no middlemen, agents, or reps; the customer pays for a product or service and the payment is received directly by the business owner or company. 

2.‘Go Between’ 

A go-between is anyone or any agency that’s in the middle of the transaction between a customer and a business. This could be a retailer, an agent, a representative, or a suppler. 


Businesses may not directly interact with their customers but use tactics like advertising. Ads can be online or traditional methods like TV, radio, or print ads. 

4.The Community Model 

The community plays a vital role in creating consumer models. A community may be an actual group of people such as a community in a neighborhood, district, school, or office. It can also be an online community such as Facebook or Tik Tok community or Reddit community.  

5.Subscription Fee 

Lead generation may be triggered by a subscription. Customers can tell the value of a subscription offer by the cost of the subscription. Free offers that you can take advantage of by simply signing up may be questionable but a paid subscription is seen as valuable and worthwhile. 

B2C lead generation process & strategy 

It’s time to improve your B2C lead generation strategy with the following time-tested and updated tactics. 

Provide a Solution to a Problem Using a Video 

The information age has transformed consumer’s attention span. The Guardian cites a recent study from the Technical University of Denmark stating that the general global attention span is currently narrowing because of the amount of information provided to the public. 

With this in mind, a video can help present solutions to customer problems. Short, relevant, quality videos can quickly transform ordinary visitors into buying customers. 

Cross-Promote Email Marketing and Social Media 

Your content must be consistent in all customer touchpoints. A discount or a special deal promised in your social media account should be visible in the latest email correspondence. A product a customer is interested in buying from your social media page should be offered through email as well. 

Correspond on Twitter and Facebook 

People rely more on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to search for products and services. They look for business social media pages, check offerings and information that they need to help them shop. Meanwhile, customer comments and reactions also help make a smart choice. 

Using Free Lead Generation Tools  

Not yet sure which lead gen tools are the best for your customers? Try free lead generation software and tools like the ones you’ll find in HubSpot. These tools will help you capture leads and track them as they make their buying journey. 

Aim for Quality Content Marketing and SEO 

Your website and social media sites are only as good as their content. To maximize their potential, use high-ranking keywords in your industry. Add high-value content such as images, videos, how-to articles, tips & techniques, updated information and so much more. 

Most businesses leave SEO and content marketing to experts. You may hire content creators, online marketers, and SEO experts to help boost your site’s capabilities to rank higher in search engine pages. 

How About a Website Overhaul? 

It’s not too late to jump into better and smarter lead generation tactics even if it means you have to give your website an overhaul. Remove unnecessary content and replace them with efficient, effective customer touchpoints. Make your content relevant, interesting, and helpful to your customers. 

Improve site loading times by reducing plugins, optimizing images, or by working with a better hosting service. Working on your website may seem like a tedious task especially if you want to rank higher and get more leads but rest assured you’ll get the best results. 

Paid Ads on All Channels 

Paid ads help boost your presence online to reach more customers. Ads found on the top pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo capture more attention compared to those found elsewhere. Aside from search engine pages, invest in ads on different channels such as social media pages, blogs, and video sites. Most of these platforms have special promos or subscriptions in case you don’t want to splurge. 

Optimize Your Website and Landing Pages 

Your company website has a lot of potentials to attract leads. Optimize it by placing opt-in points on each page. Place call-to-action phrases, contact details, customer reviews, and testimonials, and use landing pages to offer gated content and other high-value items. 

Use Gated Content 

This technique can help gain organic leads and will generate information that you can use to create all kinds of personalized content. You can use landing pages, pop-ups, or CTAs to get your prospects to sign up for a promo, newsletter, special offer, or service. Offer something of value to your customers and watch your leads grow. 

Invest in Quality Analytics 

Data gathered using B2C lead generation techniques need to be analyzed and properly applied to produce good results. There are free options such as native analytics tools found in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You may also use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your lead gen strategies. 

Key Elements Of A Successful B2C Lead Generation Campaign 

Your lead generation strategies should have the following key elements to ensure success. 

The Offer 

Create a unique, relevant, and irresistible offer. Let your prospects know that there’s something more to your product or service and you want them to take part in it. Make your offer statement clear, easy to understand, and visible.  


Add call-to-action phrases according to your offer. But instead of just adding the usual CTAs like buy now, add now, or subscribe, add numbers like 50%, 3-day sale, 30-day guarantee, and more. 

Landing Page 

Landing pages lure your prospects in. Once your visitors click your ad, a link to visit your website or product site, a landing page immediately leads them to your irresistible offers and information. Think of a landing page as an empty canvas where you can place your offer, CTA, and form. As with every page of your site, keep your landing page easy to read, clear and relevant. 


The opt-in form should ask for relevant customer information that will help you build optimized campaigns. Aside from basic information like your customer’s name, location, and job position, you may ask for his birthday, industry, educational attainment, and so on. You can use specialized forms like survey forms, quizzes, or Google Forms if you need to collect other types of data. 

Conclusion: B2C Lead Generation 

B2C lead generation is essential to stay relevant no matter what type of business and products or services you offer. Smart lead gen tactics can help you gain good leads which you can nurture until these become full-pledged customers. Find your lead generation strategy to boost your B2C business now. 


Greg Tucker