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Lead Generation

10 Proven B2B Lead Generation Strategies

June 25, 2021
A B2B company like yours won’t be able to survive without top-quality leads.

But you can’t just rely on traditional marketing strategies to generate reliable leads. Techniques like cold calling, direct mail, and using referral networks are inefficient, time-consuming, and will never yield accurate results. What you need are proven and effective B2B lead generation strategies. 

According to the latest research by, around 85% of marketers involved in B2B lead generation say that it is their most important marketing goal. 65% of B2B companies also agree that lead generation strategies using LinkedIn were a success while 79% of leads generated through these lead generation strategies were able to convert to sales.  

What is B2B lead generation? 

B2B lead generation strategies are all about generating leads for B2B or business to business companies. It’s all about using strategies to introduce your brand to companies that are likely to benefit from your business, products, and services.  

It is no different from methods involving companies and customers to create leads. B2B is more about how businesses interact with other businesses, using lead generation strategies to size up prospects and to come up with solid data to be used for future marketing campaigns.  

What are the best ways for B2B lead generation? 

B2B lead generation ensures the steady flow of qualified leads or prospects. A successful strategy will keep marketing ideas churning. These marketing techniques aim to attract prospects and turn them into leads. The term “lead” is a prospect who has a genuine interest in your business, product, or service because of some action.  

These potential customers may have contacted your company or shared contact details with you. Some may have seen your ads through social media or have stumbled upon your blog or site through a purely organic search.  

The following are the top 10 proven B2B lead generation techniques this year 

  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging 
  • Use social media platforms 
  • Offer Interesting Discounts & Deals 
  • Publish success stories for B2B marketing 
  • Landing pages and CTA 
  • The Out-of-Stock Opportunity 
  • Slide-in and Pop-Ups 
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy 
  • Content Marketing  

Email Marketing  

Email marketing remains one of the most trusted lead generation techniques. Around 79% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as an efficient distribution channel to create demand generation strategies.   

Email marketing starts with offering a special promo or a gift in exchange for a visitor’s email address. You can come up with a targeted list of your prospects using this technique. Aside from just asking your visitor’s email address, you may opt to ask them for help by filling out a short survey or an easy quiz regarding the kind of product or service that they prefer.  

From this, you may now come up with personalized emails which most recipients are more likely to respond to. You may promote offers, products, or special discounts that your would-be customers will surely like.  


Having your own company’s blog allows you to produce content that’s specific to your business, products, or services. Around 55% of B2B marketers agree that using blogs is one of their best inbound marketing strategies. Those who publish blog posts regularly are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI than those who don’t use blogs.  

In your blog post, include links to visit your website or to review your products and services. Publish fresh blogs daily or at least three times a day. Every post must end with a good call-to-action message.  

Use social media platforms

Share content like your latest products or services, deals, discounts and promos, new information about your company, new ideas related to your industry, and many more on your social media platform.  Consumers are looking for companies, brands that they can relate to.  

Social media helps website visitors find what they need, connect to groups of people that have the same ideas, and to access all kinds of information. With an active social media presence, you can help solve consumer problems with your products or services. Marketers are able to generate B2B leads using this effective lead generation strategy.

Offer Interesting Discounts & Deals 

Come up with interesting offers and add value to these promos. Advertise that this promo is for a limited time only, an exclusive offer for early customers or lots is running out to take the offer. People are more likely to take your offer when they perceive its value. And the higher the perceived value of the offer, the more customers will find it irresistible. 

Publish success stories for B2B marketing

Send email to your prospects which include case studies or success stores that confirm the effectiveness and the quality of your products or services. Marketers who use this strategy can expect better ROIs as people often relate to personal stories when it comes to solving issues and problems.  

Landing pages and CTA

Landing pages and call to action guides prospects on what to do next. Use these strategies not just to introduce your brand but to inform people about what you can offer. Make landing page information clear and your CTAs easy to understand. With a well-designed strategy, you can turn your visitors into leads in a minute.  

The Out-of-Stock Opportunity

You have to be transparent and inform your customers that a product you are offering is not available but don’t just stop there. You can use this as a quick opportunity to generate B2B leads. Add a message that says that your customer will be the first to be informed once the product is available. All they need is to sign up using their email address to receive updates.

Slide-in and Pop-ups 

Make your offers readily available by using website techniques like pop-ups and slide-ins. You can use these to view your latest offers, new products, news updates, or anything that will attract your visitors. Make sure to follow optimal popup time and use it so as not to annoy your customers.  

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy 

PPC saves you money and time and can be a valuable tool in B2B marketing. This method helps you capture more leads easily as your prospects are already interested in getting to know your products better.  Using the right keyword and understanding site analytics can help you get the best results out of this strategy.  

Content Marketing 

B2B lead generation marketers make use of content marketing to accomplish initial sales funnel goals such as brand awareness, audience education, building trust or credibility, and generating leads or demands. According to a 2020 study, B2B marketers who use content marketing consider the highest performing content according to type and goals, sales funnel concepts, outsourcing, technology, organic vs paid content channels, and many more.  

When done correctly, B2B lead generation can help you gather prospects in a heartbeat. Learning the ropes of B2B lead generation takes time but once you get the hand of it, you can create marketing campaigns that guarantee good ROI. 


Greg Tucker